Which Is A Best Practice For Optimizing A Landing Page For Google Ads?

Which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for Google Ads?” This is one of the most common questions when you are spending some amount on Google ads and trying to optimize the Google Ads campaign for your overall business growth.

When you are operating a business selling some kind of product or service, it is crucial to utilize the potential of Google Ads for increasing your conversion rate and sales. But the question is which is the best one to optimize it.

Here in this article, along with answering your question, I will also guide you with some essentials of Google Ads, as you have some doubts, just like not knowing the answer to this particular question. 

Landing Page Optimization

For PPC, landing page optimization is the specific process of crafting pages, particularly for PPC visitors, which are well designed as well. Here, you are required to optimize every single element on the page for maximizing the visitors’ percentage, which completes your desired goal.

The utmost ambition behind PPC landing page optimization is actually to develop pages, which will be able to engage your audiences in a better way. As a result, you will be able to drive more leads, and that too through paid search.

So, in simple words, landing page optimization is capable of resulting in more conversions. It eventually raises the return on investment or ROI of your PPC marketing campaigns. 

Benefits Of Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization brings two direct benefits for your business. Now, let’s have a look at those benefits. 

1. More PPC Leads

When your AdWords landing pages are following the best possible practices, more of your clicks will eventually lead to conversions. Isn’t that what PPC is all about? 

2. Better Quality Score

Well-designed and targeted landing pages attract better Quality Scores. As they are more aligned with the intent of the searcher, it happens. You might not know that higher Quality Scores or Google Ads optimization score also helps in the better ranking along with lower ad spend. So, it will eventually help you in a broader way. 

How To Do Landing Page Optimization

For search engine marketing and especially when you are spending your hard-earned money on Google Ads, it is crucial to optimize landing pages. If you are thinking it is as easy as making noodles, let me tell you you are wrong my friend.

Landing page optimization for relevance is indeed a complicated process. Plus, it can get you some uncertain results. Here are the things you require for PPC landing page optimization.

  • Attractive and clean design, which will look professional yet trustworthy at the same time and also be consistent with your brand.
  • A strong headline, which is relevant to the ad text and PPC Keyword. It will also compel your visitor to stay with you for more time.
  • Convincing, concise copy to deliver the value of what you are actually offering.
  • The landing page has to be user-friendly so that the user can not experience any difficulty in accessing it.
  • A clickable, eye-catchy button, which will also have a clear call to action.

You have to ensure that you are following all of these. A single drop from the list can cost you huge. It will end up in paying a number of clicks, which will never turn into high-quality leads. So, be extra careful about these. 

Best Landing Page Optimization Practices

Here are some of the best landing page optimization practices, you should try now to utilize the best of Google Ads and get the best of the results. Let’s check out the practices. 

  1.   Ensure constant managing of your ads.
  2.   Ensure the action is visible above the folds.
  3.   With directional cues, direct the eye.
  4.   Incorporate social proof.
  5.   Keep your page loading faster.
  6.   Include copies that are clear and appealing at the same time.
  7.   Use scarcity techniques.
  8.   Create a simpler call-to-action button.
  9.   Add your contact details.
  10.   Experiment with several copies and headlines.
  11.   Be attentive to the landing page’s SEO.
  12.   Experiment with several fonts as well.

Which Is A Best Practice For Optimizing A Landing Page For Google Ads?

Now it is time to answer the question, “Which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?” As I have discussed the landing page optimization for Google ads, I hope if you guys get some options, you will be able to answer it by yourself. So, here are the options.

A. Across the whole site, the same programming language.

B. Easy-to-navigate content.

C. Several links to related websites.

D. Prominent headlines in different sizes and font styles.

Yes, you get that right; the answer is option B. Easy-to-navigate content. As I have told you earlier, your landing page should be user-friendly so that your visitors do not face any difficulty in accessing them. You also have to navigate the investor in the right way to offer the solution of their searching.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I hope, apart from getting the answer to your question, “Which is a best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?” But if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us. We will offer you the relevant solution as soon as possible.

Here are common questions, which might help you get a better understanding of what you need to do to improve ad rank and overall great results.  

Q1: What Is A Good Landing Page For Google Ads?

Always go with a landing page that is matching with your keywords and ad. Suppose, your keyword is discounted dresses, and at the same time your ad is promising a 50% discount on the dresses. Now the customers should find and be able to buy dresses at a particular discounted price on your landing page. 

Q2: How Do I Optimize My Website For Google Ads?

When you are thinking about optimizing your website for Google ads, it is crucial to enhance the whole quality of your website, along with choosing the right landing page, enhancing search ranking, and last but not least, monitor and test your website. 

Now for improving the overall quality of your website, you should consider the following things. 

  • Make it mobile-friendly.
  • Add contact information.
  • Update your content on a regular basis.
  • Keep your pages loading quickly. 
  • Only add, which are relevant.
  • Think like your customers. 

Q3: How Do I Optimize My Landing Page For Adwords?

There are certain requirements for optimizing landing pages with Adwords. Here are the basic requirements you should know about. 

  • A relevant headline with your PPC keyword, which will be also strong along with ad taxes and obviously compels the visitor to stay with you. 
  • Attracting and a clean design to look professional and trustworthy. It also has to be consistent with your brand. 

Final Words

I hope now you will be able to decide what you should do when you are thinking of optimizing your landing page for Google ads. In case it becomes harder for you to handle everything on your own, you can avail of landing page optimization services from the best providers in your industry.

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Which Of The Following Is A Core Benefit Of Google Ads Automated Bidding?

Which of the following is a core benefit of google ads automated bidding? Are you searching for the answer to this question? Read out the article to find out everything about it. 

Google Ads manual bidding, automated bidding, and smart bidding – the number of all the available bidding options seems to increase. At this point, it is crucial to know about them. But at the same time, it is also confusing enough.

Google’s ad platforms are ever-evolving. Thus, you have to keep yourself updated with all the recent changes. This is the only way of improving the performance of your ad campaign. 

Google Ads Automated Bidding

You might know that automated bidding is a bidding strategy for Google ads. It is particularly designed for maximizing results on the basis of the campaign goals you have set. Here, on the basis of the likelihood, which your ad will result in just a conversion or click, Google sets bid amounts automatically. 

In order to do this, they mainly analyze some pieces of data. They are as follows. 

  • The operating system of the user.
  • User’s device. 
  • Demographics.
  • The time of the day when users are searching.
  • The location of the users. 

You might also be surprised to know that the automated bid strategies of Google are portfolio bid strategies. It is basically an automated bid strategy, which is totally goal-driven and groups multiple ad groups, campaigns, and keywords. 

It refers to the advertisers being able to apply their selected strategy across their campaigns, keywords, and ad groups. Some strategies are also available on a standard basis, which is more effective for particular single campaigns.

When you are thinking about “which of the following is a core benefit of google ads automated bidding?” you should get the idea of the aims of automated bidding. Using the campaigns, advertisers usually face two concerns, and automated bidding work to solve them. Here are those two concerns. 

  •  Whether their bids are high enough to compete for the qualified buyers or not. 
  • Whether the bids they have made are so high that it made it possible to show the ads to those people who do not have any interest in making a purchase. 

Advantages Of Automated Bidding

With automated bids, you do not need to update the bids for ad groups or keywords manually. Automatically the bids will get set. At the same time, they will be unique to each auction. That means, for every auction, the bids are different. 

Automated bid strategies are all about analyzing the past pieces of data along with learning from them over time by using the performance for informing future bids. You might know that it is the performance, which works as an indicator of the movement of Google towards machine learning. Google’s universal app campaigns already use machine learning. 

When machine learning is assisting in automating the bidding process, the system already has its own negatives. For example, this automated bidding strategy can not take into account some things, such as media coverage, flash sale, recent events, or weather. 

These are the gaps where the manual bidding approach works the best. On the basis of the bidding strategy you have chosen, you can avail of automated bids for both Display and Search ads.  

Types Of Automated Bidding Strategies

Now, after getting the basic idea about Google ads automated bidding strategies, it is time to know about the different types of automated bidding strategies, you can use to improve the returns. There are several strategies, which are named as follows.

  • Maximize Conversions.
  • ECPC Or Enhanced Cost-Per-Click.
  • Target Outranking Share.
  • Target ROAS Or Return On Ad Spend.
  • Target CPA Or Cost-Per-Acquisition. 
  • Target Search Page Location.
  • Maximize Clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Google Ads automated bidding is not that easy to understand and get it right. I have tried my best to keep it as simple as possible. But in case you have any queries or doubts, I am always open to helping you. 

Let me know about the concerns, and I will try to come up as soon as possible with curated solutions, which will definitely help you in getting what you might be searching for. Till then, let’s check out the below-mentioned questions. 

Q1: What Are Two Benefits Of Using Automated Bidding Google Ads?

When you are thinking of Google ads automated bidding and the major two benefits it has to offer use, they are as follows. 

  1. Cross analysis, and
  2. Time-saving. 

Q2: What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Leveraging Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategies?

Here are some of the benefits of leveraging Google Ads’ automated bidding strategies. Let’s have a look at them.

  • On the basis of your account’s historical performance along with the Google data, forecasts are made. After using machine learning they are validated. 
  • In order to let you drive the most conversations, that too for any specific spend scenario, it assists you in finding the best bids and budgets. 

Q3: What Are The Benefits Of Automated Bidding?

Here are the major benefits of automated bidding. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • By using machine learning, automated bidding evaluates bidding performances over time and then optimizes for your particular goals. 
  • Bids are usually set automatically. So, there you will be able to save a lot of time when you are not required to manually set the bid amounts both for individual keywords and ad groups. 

Which Of The Following Is A Core Benefit Of Google Ads Automated Bidding?

  • User Id Based Biding
  • Impression Share Biding.
  • Auction-time bidding.
  • Dailly Budget Pricing

Answer Auction-time bidding.

Let me explain a bit. With the assistance of artificial intelligence and using machine learning, Google ads can set appropriate bids in every auction. 

Manual bidding sometimes becomes challenging and time-consuming when it comes to scaling. So, automated bidding saves a lot of time here and lets you invest that time in some other operation-related core works.

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How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?

Before we tell you how Google ads generate responsive search ads, remember that responsive search ads from Google could revolutionize A/B testing on the console. It could also drastically ease the load of advertisers. In a nutshell, the new ad format will give marketers the capacity to create search ads with some more text and instantly test different variants so that Google searchers get to see the most effective advert mixture. 

When you create a responsive search ad, Google Ads will assess various combinations over time and think which combinations work the best. Unlike expanded text ads, Responsive Search Ads gathers the content into different advert mixtures after you enter headlines and descriptions. So, let’s find out how does google ads generate responsive search ads. 

What Are Responsive Search Ads? How Does Google Ads Generate Responsive Search Ads?

Do you want to know how does google ads generate responsive search ads? Well, it mixes and matches the headlines and descriptions that you put in the advert. Now, let’s focus on the definition. 

As of now, Google’s text ad format has evolved to include responsive search ads. However, the ad format for responsive search ads is currently in beta testing, so it may not be accessible to all marketers just yet. For example, it uses machine learning to figure out the best advert mixtures for you. 

Google does so by running a series of tests on your advert based on various headlines and descriptions that you specify. You can use the editor to add up to 15 headlines and four descriptions. The symbol “|” will be used to separate each headline. A period is used to differentiate the descriptions. 

It’s important to note that Google may not display all three headlines at once, depending on the device being used by the searcher. For example, only two headlines can be seen on a screen with a smaller resolution, such as a mobile phone. Your responsive ads, on the other hand, will always have two headlines and one description. 

There can be a maximum of 43,680 different versions of an ad based on the descriptions and headlines. In addition, the ad is automatically selected based on the user’s browsing history, purchasing behaviors, and other online activities. 

Therefore, there will be no “winner.” But, as an alternative, numerous high-performing ads will be chosen for various buyer personas based on those parameters.

Pros And Cons Of Responsive Search Ads

You already know how does google ads generate responsive search ads. But, let us tell you that expanded text ads were the only option for marketers before that. Now, you can either select expanded text ads or responsive search ads for your marketing campaign as they deem fit to you. 

So, let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of this ad format.

Pros Cons
Responsive search ads can help you create flexible advert formats depending upon the width of your device.  However, Google does not give you a detailed reporting structure on the A/B test results based on which it chooses the ad formats.
It creates multiple headlines and multiple descriptions for a single ad, and thus it saves a lot of your time and energy. The testing methods that Google uses in responsive search ads are not transparent, so that you may have doubts about it.
Google Responsive Search Ads give you more options to share your message with a wide array of customers by showing them the most effective advert combinations. Many companies don’t even trust the automation in place of their own advertising strategies, so accepting this ad format can be difficult.

What Are The Best Practices Of Google Responsive Search Ads?

Since you know how does google ads generate responsive search ads, it’s time we tell you how to use them most effectively. Let’s check it out;

  1. Try to avoid using the same or similar phrases in all five of your headlines. It’s best to use eight to ten different headlines per article. The more headlines you create, the more options Google will have to show your advert to a searcher.
  2. At least two of your headlines should contain the focus keyword. However, you should also ensure that at least three of your headlines do not have keywords. 
  3. While creating the headlines, make sure you complete each of them in different lengths. Also, don’t think that all of your headlines must have the exact word count.
  4. The descriptions should also be unique. But, at a minimum, create at least two individual descriptions.
  5. For some large companies who want to ensure consistent branding, you can pin the headlines and mandatory descriptions for your adverts. In that way, the results won’t overlap with the highest-performing ads.

When, And How To Use Google Responsive Search Ads?

Log into your Google Ads account and create a new ad to see if you qualify. If you can’t make a responsive ad, contact Google Support immediately to see if your account can enable the feature. If not, you’ll have to put it on hold until the ad format is made available to all advertisers, which is likely over the next few months. Responsive search ads aren’t expected to increase your costs in any way. Pricing will continue to be based on the number of bids received.

The new responsive search ads are available on desktop and mobile. They’re also eligible for any ad extensions you use. The result will be a highly persuasive ad that encourages people to increase their clickthrough rate to learn more about your offer. In addition, the ad format is adaptable and looks good on both small and large devices. 

Final Thoughts

We have already told you how does google ads generate responsive search ads. We have also shared its potential advantages, disadvantages, and best practices to make the most of them. Ad automation does all the testing here, so you won’t have to manually track which ad performs the best and choose accordingly. Only time will tell how effective the responsive search ads will be in the future, but for now, it seems to be doing well in the market. So, take advantage of this ad format as soon as possible, and explore a new dimension of marketing.

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10 Advanced Link Building Techniques You Should Try

Whether or not you have any website, you know might be aware that link building is important. Link building is important not just for beginners, but also for the professionals. There are various link building techniques that are followed and which are compatible with the algorithm of Google.

We all became aware of the terms like SEO and link building for about more than five years now, and back then, there is no such need to maintain everything in google. But now as things evolved and the internet and google evolved, everyone started believing that now keywords in an article does not matter.

The old rules of google and the google algorithm has been scrapped off, but here we would like to inform you more about the link building techniques. But before we tell you about link building techniques, it is important that you know some more details.

What is Link Building?

Link Building

Most of the young digital marketers worry about the link building techniques, but something more important than that is knowing the more about link building. I am sure some time in life you have done link building or must have been asked to link building, but you have never really questioned yourself why should you do the link building. Hence, I would like to give you some more information about what is link building.

The whole idea and techniques of link building are changing massively over the days. Today the value of the link building article is tremendously high, but we will never know when the dip might occur. There might be a time that link building articles will no longer be considered to be important for the ranking or the traffic of the website.

But as of now, it is very important that you put in a good organic article, which has some keywords but not forcefully injected. We all know that High-quality links are important; we can not just blindly implement high-quality links. You need to know more in detail about such high-quality links in a better manner. This guide is set to guide you to move in the right direction and get the best link building techniques.

Link building is the white elephant for SEO; many claim that link building might cause negative results on your website.  Link building is the primary part of any SEO based performance.

Why Link Building and Link Building techniques are Important?

The top factor that is considered when you have a link building job is to understand the Google Algorithm, which we do not know. It is like winning a war without even knowing the opponents and their strength. The Google algorithm is extremely dynamic, and we do not understand what we should do to cope up with this technology.

  • There are certain functions of the link building or backlinks such as,
  • It helps you to get the traffic diverted to your site.
  • Indexes isolated pages
  • It contributes to some on-page values.
  • It also serves as a cite for research.

Things to Consider During Link Building

We understand that it is very important to know the Link Building techniques but there more to it which will not only tell you about link building new techniques but some of the old ones are very useful and interesting. There are various tools that you can use for link building purposes. There is a list of tools that can help you to do link building sufficiently with proper research.

It is very important to have a clear understanding that not all the links are important and equal; every link has there own value in the technique of link building. Just because each of the links promotes some other website does not mean that every link is important because, through some of the links, the opponents place some fake site link or maybe some websites with a high spam score. You can make a “no-follow” attribute for the unimportant links.

Usually, the SEO’s look for higher domain links or authoritative links, MOZ can help you to understand all of these, and then you can make the correct decision. Tools like Moz and Aherfs will help you to measure the metrics of the site.

The unique referring domain varies, and the value of link building techniques also varies from one site to another. But the referring domain factor is more important than the algorithm point of view. But both cases are very important compared to anything else in SEO.

What Things Should You Keep in Mind while Link Building?

There are many things you should keep in mind; only then the link building techniques will be effective for the site. Hence, we have gathered all of them here for your convenience.

  • You need to keep in mind that you must not pay for link building articles because they are marked negative in the eyes of Google.
  • Stay away from personal blogs; try to invest in commercial or professional blogs.
  • Don’t even try to do guest posting unnecessarily; instead, you must invest in quality content in link building articles.
  • Link building also improves the value of the page or the website.

What are the 10 Advanced Link Building Techniques?

As we have already mentioned above that link building is the best technique to take your website to a peak, it is also important to note that there are some new advanced link building techniques. These link building techniques are new, and they will help you to grow more and more with your website.

1. Link Reclamation

This is the easiest link building technique, and this is readily available for any website; reclaiming is the easy and best idea. In this process, you can look for your old articles whose links have been broken or removed, and you can reclaim those links and get the work done easily. This way, you can reclaim the old links of your site, which are now broken or removed now. Moz is a great tool for such purposes, you can search for the operators who had used your articles, and now it has been removed. Right from there, you can reach out to the publishing platform and ask them to restore your links.

2. Broken Link Building Techniques

Broken Link

There is a very fine line between Broken link building and link reclamation; hence it is important that you find out how to fix the broken link. In the case of broken link building, you can ask the publisher to restore the broken link, not the links that have been removed already. In case of this purpose, you can take the help of Ahrefs, and it will help you to sort the broken links.

3. Reverse Engineered Competitor Link Building Technique

You need to download the backlinks of your top 5 competitors with the help of Ahrefs. You can also filter the spreadsheet, and tagged by .com, .org, etc., also check the DA and PA.  The key here is to nerd out on all the data and think through how and why your competitor earned each link and simply do it better. There are some disqualifying links, which can be used in the existing content.

4. Resource Link Building Technique

If you have the power of manual outreach, then this is the best way to link building. The links acquired through links are actually more guaranteed then anything. If you have resources and reach out to power, then use it to the fullest, then you can do better link building. The result of the resource link building is much more effective than anything else, hence try to make the best use of the resources.

5. Skyscraper and Modified Scraper

A skyscraper is a way in which you can make great content that is worthy of the backlinks.  The whole concept is to find a piece of content that is ranking in Google with your chosen keyword; you just have to reframe and restructure it and put it in on the search engine again. You will have to remodify the content, make it longer, add some videos and it will be good to go.

6. 10X Content

The Skyscraper takes the content to a better level, and it takes the content higher; hence 10X content is very important. So, you need to produce 10X content, by all means, hence this content has to go online by any means, and it must be ten times better than the existing contents on the internet.  Hence you will have to compete with others in the search engine; you will have to experiment in various formats.

7. Guestographics

One of the best things is that you need to experiment with various new types of guest posting, where you can include the infographics in the content. This is a guest graphics where you can guest post along with some kind of infographics.

‘Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links’

You can use various content explorers to find out the various new kind of ways to guest post, and hence it will help you to make your link building easier. Think more about how you can trend, with the evergreen topics, so use the best infographics for the content.

8. Ego Bait

It is a performer based SEO link building tool, it is a way to strike the influencer’s ego, and you can tag the piece of content to the influencers. Then you must encourage the influencer to read that piece of content, use the  “#tags,” and the “@” to the implement this kind of link building techniques into it. This way, you will be able to make conversation with the influencer, and this way, the traffic will increase on your page.

9. Leadership

This is another very effective way to do link building; you need to become a thought leader.  This means that you will have to contribute your thought leader means you will be contributing all your ideas into your content and work, this will help you to make a better platform for your link building techniques. Most people must have tried to use this technique to do a proper link building.

10. Do Some Research

The most advanced link building strategy is to conduct research; it will bring out a lot of information, and eventually, a positive impact on the brand. This will also help you to collect some data and information which you can use for all the other purposes related to your site, and you get an idea about how much people are into it.

Wrapping Up!

Wrapping up this article isn’t much easy because there are lots more to it, but you can also read the 10 Smart Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website to know more. There are many such interesting articles and blogs here; you can comment on the comment section to let me know what you want to know next.

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